We all can relate to the good and bad of business trips, while the location may be a new and exciting place to travel to, one often still feels as if they are “on the clock.”  With a work event being held at the beautiful Malibu Winery, we wanted our clients to be able to enjoy every aspect of their surrounding and let their hair down. With a vibrant color palette and garden party inspired design, we created a fresh… Read more »

Our number one goal when designing for our corporate client employee appreciation dinners is to ensure the last thing employees feel is that they are at another “work event”.  These events should be a time when co-workers feel they can relax their shoulders and enjoy a cocktail together!  Our inspiration this round was that of Old World Italy, specifically that of a small villa Italian street market. Design elements boasting of fresh produce, aromatic herbs, vibrant blooms and crusty baguettes was… Read more »