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Crosby + Jon Design is spearheaded by the design team of Krista Jon Levandofsky and Regina Crosby-Atkins. Krista’s love for space concepts and design started over a decade ago when she earned recognition as an award winning floral designer. Regina always saw events as pieces of visual story telling. In 2010, Krista and Regina became design partners and founded Archive Rentals. Through Archive, Krista and Regina’s vision inspired change and helped to broaden the scope of modern weddings and events as we know them. They feel it has been a privilege to design and plan countless forward-thinking events for Archive and Crosby + Jon. As planners, their philosophy is to partner with the client and come together on a vision, and simply make a great event.

As designers, the philosophy is more sophisticated, fueled by a restless desire to create something fresh authentic and beyond the boundaries.

The Crosby + Jon team provides an expanded level of production, design, consulting and planning services to clients. They are devoted to luxury events, destination weddings, high-concept corporate events and venue marketing. Krista and Regina were awarded the 2014 Trendsetter Award by the Association of Bridal Consultants, and they have been published in dozens of top magazines and blogs including Martha Stewart, Vogue, Refinery 29, People Magazine and BRIDES Magazine.

Our Clientele


When I walked into the barn I was blown away! Wow, you and your team truly exceeded all expectations and over delivered on so many levels. What you did was magical under such difficult pressure. Your generosity and professionalism throughout the process and on the day of is to be celebrated and commended.

–A Night of Discovery with James Cameron

I simply cannot tell you all how much that day meant to me. It was, simply put, the best day of my life. As you’re probably all too familiar with, I am a big planner, a perfectionist, and have very high expectations. From the moment we sat down together, I felt a sense of peace and all those nerves transformed into excitement and anticipation. The day of the wedding, I couldn’t have felt more confident, more supported, or more loved. I didn’t fret about anything and I was truly able to experience the sheer joy of the day with my family. It brings me to tears (in a good way!) just writing this because it will remain preserved in my heart as a day that I will forever cherish and look lovingly upon. Thank you for making my dream come true, for ensuring all the details were in place, and for helping to set us up with great vendors that brought with them the same level of happiness and sincerity as your team. Thank you for being by my side all day and making sure everything went calmly and smoothly.  The stars were definitely aligned on February 25th and you will all forever hold a very special place in my heart.

–With the most love, Lauren N. Farmer

I would like to thank you for being such a great partner. You have a wonderful product, great people and it is truly a pleasure to work with you. Heres to many more!

–The Resort at Pelican Hill

Creative geniuses.


Everything turned out great. Every detail looked amazing. It was great to work with you, once again.


Dear Regina, and Krista, Andy and I are still not delving too deep into this happy post-wedding email pile that awaits us, but I wanted to take a moment to tell you how heartbreakingly beautiful, exquisite, and perfect your work was this weekend. Everywhere I looked, whether in the heavenly reception tent, the peaceful and dreamy ceremony space, or the awesome cozy hootenanny grove, was some detail or other that reflected such incredible thought, care, vision, continuity, and gorgeous imagination on all of your parts. Andy and I were blown away, many times over. I must say my favorite part was the reception tent. I thought I was dreaming, from the moment we drove up and saw it glowing rosily like a conch shell and whipping those flags in the wind… EVERYTHING inside that tent was perfect. Thank you for all of your generosity of vision and of heart. It has been so evident through this whole process how much you care, but I must say, when we walked into that tent for the first time, we felt that caring a hundred fold – everywhere i looked, i saw some element that felt like a gift from all of you. The flowers – OH MY GOD THE FLOWERS WERE THE SINGLEMOST GORGEOUS THING I HAVE EVER SEEN. The sublimely perfect colors, the incorporation of fruits, of other decorative pieces; the table settings, the linens; the romantic flower garlands over the dance floor (!!!!!!!!!!!) – I could barely take it all in, it was so beyond inspiring. The most beautiful room I’ve ever been in. THANK YOU.

We are so grateful, so blissful and amazed at all of your work, and we thank our lucky stars that we got to meet you gals and collaborate with you on our wedding.
Many, many thanks,
Joanna and Andy

-Post Ranch Inn, Big Sur, CA; Joanna Newsom and Andy Samberg

Wow, you and your team truly exceeded all expectations and over delivered on so many levels. What you did was magical under such difficult pressure. Your generosity and professionalism throughout the process and on the day of is to be celebrated and commended.

–Trudy Perry, MUSE School A night of Discovery with James Cameron

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